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Joe Blasco

The name Joe Blasco, which is rapidly becoming as well-known to the general public as it already is in the make-up industry, is synonymous with glamorous celebrity make-up, high quality cosmetics products, and cutting-edge make-up artistry education.

Born in a small suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Joe Blasco began his study of the art of make-up at the early age of seven. He was awarded a scholarship to cosmetology school, and after graduating in 1964 at the age of 18, he arrived in Hollywood to work for the Max Factor Cosmetics Company as a traveling make-up artist representative. After receiving their training, he discovered he was to be sent to Pittsburgh to represent the company in various department stores. Unhappy with the situation, he left the Factor Company with $50 in his pocket to pursue a career in Hollywood as a make-up artist.


In 1967 he took a job as an instructor with a small, obscure society make-up school in Westwood, California. Recognizing the need for a course that taught motion picture and television make-up artistry, Blasco created a new curriculum for the school. The school, under Blasco’s direction, became the first to teach full-time courses in professional make-up artistry. For three years, while working for various production companies, Blasco also apprenticed with major professional cosmetics manufacturing firms as a cosmetics chemist and compounder. As a make-up artist working in film and television, he experienced firsthand what made a cosmetic product ideal for use in these mediums.


His career progressed rapidly. Blasco worked at all the major television networks in Hollywood as his reputation grew. He became renowned for his work in the development of new and unique techniques for special make-up effects, especially as an innovator of the “bladder technique” utilized in films depicting horror/monster transformations showing bulging and bubbling skin effects. He became personal make-up artist to scores of personalities including Rona Barrett, Bette Midler, Olivia Newton-John, Lauren Bacall, Carol Burnett, Donnie and Marie Osmond, Dick Clark, Hal Linden, Carmen Zapata, Dorothy Lamour, the late Orson Welles, and scores of others too numerous to mention.

In 1976, he opened the doors of the first of two Make-Up Training Centers, which have since received international acclaim. In 1984, Blasco introduced his cosmetics line to professionals in Hollywood. Today, Joe Blasco Cosmetics can be found in fine retail outlets worldwide.


In 2004, Mr. Blasco received a distinguished Lifetime Achievement from the USITT (United States Institute of Theatre Technology). The Award in Makeup Artistry, Makeup Manufacturing, and for pioneering professional make-up schools was the first of its kind ever bestowed by the prestigious organization.


Mr. Blasco is currently embarking on establishing a broadband broadcast system for teaching makeup that would enable students from around the world to interact with teachers from his domestic makeup schools. The project, which is the first of its kind, is the next step in the evolution of makeup education, and has become part of the new Joe Blasco Make-Up School curriculum in Hollywood, Orlando, Amsterdam, Helsinki, and through several Joe Blasco seminar centers in New York City.

Joe Blasco remains a consultant to many celebrities and continues to set higher standards in the cosmetics industry with his many new and unique products. Mr. Blasco, aside from being listed in Who’s Who in Business, also appears in over 64,000 web listings. His make-up schools continue to dominate make-up education worldwide through the use of not only his most up-to-date techniques, but also from the collaborative efforts and contributions of the most highly respected working veteran professional make-up artists from Local 706 I.A.T.S.E. Hollywood and Local 798 I.A.T.S.E. New York, as well as from those of the most elite European union and independent make-up artists alike. This book represents only a small portion of the detailed knowledge that is offered to students of his make-up schools.